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The Owen Adams Project

peppers 0

Daily Painting – Day 3

This is probably my favourite of the paintings so far. I think it’s more fluke than talent, but I still think it looks great. I think I’m finally getting a better grip of light...

PowerMushroom 0

Daily Painting – Day 2

I feel like this wasn’t a great choice for my second daily painting. I wanted to do something a bit quirky, and a bit geeky so I went for the Mario Power Mushroom. My...

Apples in Bowl 0

Daily Painting – Day 1

I’ve recently been reading a book called Daily Painting by Carol Marine¬†which I can really recommend. It’s about an online movement of artists who strive to complete a single, small work every day to...

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 18.45.26 0

Introducing British Gamer

Hey guys, I have a small announcement today. As you know, I’ve been running this blog for all my various interests for a few years now, but my main focus has always been on...

Horse in Winter 0

Grady’s Retirement

  This is an idea I was kicking around for a while, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it as a flash fiction piece or build it up into something more...

AY9RA6 I quit! 1

Why I’m Quitting My Job.

The letter is signed. The envelope is sealed. Today I’m handing my notice in. I work there for another four weeks and then I’m gone forever. Oh, and I don’t have a new job...

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